Get An Attractive Look With Attractive Sets Of Handmade Jewelries

imagesJewelries are the love of every woman in the world. Whether it is Handcrafted Jewelry or Gemstone Fashion Jewelry, females would love to possess them. Be it a wedding or a family get-together, women feel incomplete without their jewelries, in spite of wearing expensive garments. Since, every occasion is different; it requires an individual to dress accordingly. The popularity of these jewelries can be traced back in the past. Many women prefer to wear Custom Handmade Jewelry since it gives them a traditional appearance. In case you are willing to possess such beautiful ornaments, Helena Iki is the one-stop shop for your jewelry needs.

As a US based company, Helena Iki offers customers with an exclusive range of Handcrafted Bracelets, Handcrafted Earrings, Handcrafted Necklaces, Handcrafted Pendants and Handcrafted Rings. These are crafted by professional artisans, giving every single earring, ring or pendant a unique and attractive look. At our company, we understand the fact that buying jewelry is an important decision for many people. Our 18K Gold Vermeil Jewelry is fully tested and certified which relieves you from the system of being cheated in terms of quality.

For people who prefer gemstone inlaid ornaments, we offer Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry and Gemstone Fashion Jewelry. The gemstones used are finely cut and polished, in turn giving a finished look to the jewelry in which it is inlaid. Dressing like a hippie got popularity after many popular personalities adopted this trend. Even in todayĆ¢EUR(TM)s world of fashion, you can see various dresses and accessories depicting the bohemian influence. Keeping that very same influence alive, we are providing Boho Chic Jewelry, Boho Chic Handbags and Bohemian Purses for all those ladies who love to stand apart from the crowd.

Our Handmade Handbags are crafted from the finest quality of leather, aiding you with a classy as well as a trendy look. These handbags are sure to go with any dress you wear, whether formal or casual. Now-a-days, when people are so much accustomed to go for online shopping, so why not buy jewelries from our Online Jewelry Store? Our online store would help you in getting the exact piece of jewelry which you are looking for. With our wide selection of Custom Online Jewelry, you can be assured of getting the finest and well crafted jewelry for yourself.

If you want to gift someone on their birthday or anniversary, nothing is more appropriate than a set of attractive Sterling Silver Jewelry. So, if are willing to own these beautifully crafted pieces of jewelries or handbags and purses, call us at (305) 299-6023 or you can even mail us at for further queries.

5 Essential Artificial Jewellery Pieces for Daily Wear

Jewellery has been used through the millennia by women and cultures to adorn them. Women have coveted jewellery to enhance their beauty & appeal over generations. However not all can afford the expenses that come with gold, silver or the many precious stones such as rubies & emeralds. This is where imitation jewellery comes into play. This has led to a surge in consumers looking to buy imitation jewellery online or buy artificial rings online in India.

Here are five Essential Artificial Jewellery Pieces every woman must have in her jewellery box and can be used on a daily basis:

Artificial rings – Beautiful & artistic pieces of rings can be bought by those looking to buy artificial rings online in India. With simple adornments, rings shaped like preening peacocks and dainty crowns can be proudly worn on the ring fingers. With basic elements in use they are affordable, chic and such a style statement. With such alluring rings and latest styles, the wearer is the epitome of grace and elegance. And they can be bought on a regular basis.

Artificial necklaces – Necklaces have always been used to draw attention to the graceful and necks of the wearer since time immemorial. No other piece of jewellery is the cynosure of all eyes as is a necklace. Therefore it is very important in selection of the piece which will grace your neck. You can select simple artificial necklaces or if you wish to be on centre stage, go for a statement piece which have elaborate designs and use multiple raw materials. Funky designs are all the rage now and a must have for young and senior women alike. Go for it.

Artificial earrings – Dangles or studs, simple or statement, no woman is without a pair of beautiful earrings. Created with expensive metals & stones or simple raw materials earrings are a symbols of womanhood. Women looking to buy imitation jewellery online opt for artificial earrings as they are easy on the budget and stunning in appearance, and do not compromise on style & elegance. It’s highly recommended that you start building a collection of artificial earrings or even start swapping them with friends. Eclectic designs will ensure that you are envied by your friends and the doll of your family.

Artificial bangles – Bangles have always been associated with the Indian woman. From the poorest in the villages to the modern woman of 21st century mega cities, most women own and love the bangles that adorn their arms. From the humble glass bangles to designer pieces, the options are many. Budget and style is the criteria for most buyers. Those seeking flamboyance will find them in artificial jewelry with its myriad designs and elaborate patterns. Best of all they are easy on the pocket.

Artificial bracelets – Artificial bracelets are the pick of the year for 2015. All stylists and fashion designers suggest that they will be the flavor of the season. So if you don’t have one, don’t wait. Be a trend setter before the others in your circle beat you to it.

Handmade Bracelets for Fashion Conscious Collectors

The bracelet is an antiquated article of gems that has both ornamental and religious critics. History specialists let us know that the arm jewelry was a standout amongst the most prevalent adornments in Ancient Egypt.
The Egyptians were the first to utilize valuable metals and religious images in their wrist trinkets. The customary Egyptian wristband incorporated a representation of a scarab insect, which symbolized resurrection and recovery.
Scarab insect bracelets have been found in the graves and tombs of Egyptians of all classes. Poor and rich alike wore these extras on unique events, and the vast majority of them wore them to their graves. Armlets that go back more than seven thousand years have been uncovered. Numerous Archeologists accept that these wrist trinkets filled an otherworldly need, particularly in the hereafter. A fancy arm jewelry made of valuable metals and stones may have filled in as a sort ID band for the divine beings to help them spot Pharaohs, lords and different elites. These rich and imperative people were then said to get particular treatment on the planet past.

Since they had more cash and assets, Egyptian nobles had the capacity bear the cost of more expand adornments. For instance, most Egyptians trusted in bad fortunes and fiendishness spirits, and the best way to keep them under control was to buy an appeal. Appeal wrist trinkets and neckbands were ordinarily made with valuable stones and with gold, and they were truly extravagant. Numerous decently heeled Egyptians were covered with fancy appeal armlets.

The amulet was likewise a well known design frill with the Ancient Greeks. The main contrast was that it was, it was a more demotic bit of adornments, worn basically by the proletariat, or regular individuals. Men and ladies of all social classes utilized the wrist trinket as a straightforward enlivening extra. Truth be told, their decision of attire styles was a bit constrained. What number of embellishments can supplement a frock? Simply joking!

In time, nonetheless, the bracelet additionally served a more utilitarian, defensive

Reason on the field of fight. Greek officers wore cowhide armlets, frequently on both wrists, as opposing groups. These armlets could secure a warrior from losing his hand from a sudden or concealed sweep of the sword. They additionally served as materialistic trifles for higher positioning officers. Rather than straightforward, unadorned cowhide groups, a general, case in point, may wear a custom gold wristband with gemstones.

In the present day, The bracelet stays a standout amongst the most mainstream articles of adornments on the planet. Alongside rings, neckbands and studs, they are a key piece of any gems gathering. They are likewise one of the few articles of gems that men feel good wearing. Obviously, bracelets are significantly more mainstream with the young ladies. A man may have one wrist trinket, possibly two. In any case most ladies have heaps of them.

Ladies Prefer Gemstone Jeweler

Edelsteinschmuck: Ladies prefer more jeweler item than men. In the modern era most of the girls like gemstone. A gemstone is a precious stone that is cut and polished form is used to make jewelry. Most of the college students and working women like the gemstone it looks more fashionable and have a shape, size, and color. According to the dress they were they used to change the ornaments and colors are plenty and ease to remove and change every day. The gemstone color suits the skin appearance.
Although many new jeweler coming in this upcoming trend the gemstone jeweler does not decrease. The gemstone is ease to purchase and it is in the affordable price and it is economical. The gemstone is high worthy and valuable gems like diamond, ruby, and sapphire. The family or our dear ones will gift the gemstone to show their love on us. The gemstone is very hard but is the soft minerals are used in jewelry.

Many people think the online shopping are the fake but it is the wrong opinion among the people. The gemstones are varying in colors and shapes and it is very attractive to the persons for the dress they suit. The gemstone is triangle shape, round shape, oval shape and having different colors according to the skin appearance of the people.

The quality and the characteristics of the gemstone increases rapidly and there is no chemical form in the gemstone. So, that it will destroy the human body or make allergies it is purely checked in the lab and naturally been done.

Gemstone is one among the traditional jewelry and having the excellent and high worthy. It’s had a splendid and has marvelous designs colors, shapes attracting accessible jewelry. The jewelry like diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire are considered to be more precious stones in the world. Even in the older days many people used to wear the gemstone.

Many of them were unaware of the purchasing the gemstone in the online. The schmuckbeere gemstone has more different shapes and size and it will meet your necessity. This gemstone has the splendid number of designs and it will meet your requirements and makes you to buy and gift more to the dear ones. The gemstone is very healthy for our body heat and makes us more pretty by wearing the gemstones.

Sparkling Diamonds Have Fascinated the Whole World!

Superb Quality, Reliability, Durability, and reasonable Cost, are certainly the most important factors to be considered while thinking of making purchase of diamonds. The rashmi mehta diamonds are excellent in respect of these all criteria, and are therefore, globally popular and admired highly. You may be acquainted with the fact that diamonds are graded and certified based on four Cs, which are Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. A concise but very informative and useful piece of information over each of these selection criteria is being presented below to help readers: —

Color: — In respect of color, the finest diamond is limpidly transparent with no hue or color; i.e. the best diamond has a colorless shine. Such diamonds are graded as “D-Class” diamonds. The next grades of diamonds in respect of color have varying degrees of any color, which may or may not be detectable to the naked eye. Besides the diamonds with colorless brilliance, diamonds with pale to intense blue and pink hues are highly appreciable. The yellowish or brownish hues degrade diamonds.

Cut: — It is the “Cut” of a diamond that enables it for making the best possible use of light, through dispersion or reflection. Thus, a flawlessly cut diamond will give impeccable brilliance and fire. Again, to accentuate these brilliance and fire, and to increase the overall beauty of diamonds, these are cut into a variety of shapes. The majority of diamonds are cut round with a full 58 facets. The ideal round brilliant cut diamond should not have a depth percentage greater than 62.5%, and it should reflect light upwards, and appear white when seen from the top.

Clarity: — It is a measure of internal defects or imperfections of a diamond, which are usually called as inclusions. These inclusions could be in forms of crystals of any foreign material; structural imperfections like tiny cracks, cloudiness, etc.; another diamond crystal; and so on. The diamonds with perfect clarity possess no inclusions or blemishes when viewed under 10X magnification. Diamonds containing those minute inclusions that are rather hard to detect even under 10X magnification, are called as Very Very Slightly Included (VVSI] diamonds. The next lower grades of diamonds in terms of clarity are the Very Slightly Included (VSI) and Slightly Included (SI) diamonds. The most of such diamonds are referred to as being “Eye-clean” because, the inclusions contained by these are not visible to the naked eye, from a viewing distance ranging from 10 to 12 Inches.

Carat: — The Carat is used to measure the weight of diamonds, and equals to 200 milligrams (0.2 grams). In the trade of diamonds, fractions of a carat are termed as Points; one Point equals to 2 milligrams or 0.01 Carat. In general, the cost per carat of a larger diamond of the same cut, clarity, and color, is higher than a smaller diamond.

The rashmi mehta diamond group is today one of the most reputed and popular manufacturers and suppliers of top-notch gems and diamonds in most of the European countries, in the majority of Asian nations, and in many countries of North America, essentially including USA and Canada. The diamonds of this globally eminent Gembel group are highly appreciated by the gem-lovers of these countries, owing to possessing the following striking and enticing qualities — splendid brilliance that ranges from being colorless to pale and intense blue and pink; availability in a wide range of shapes and cuts, essentially including the Fancy Cuts (Baguette, Marquise, Princess, Heart, briolette, and Pear cuts), Cushion cuts, Radiant cuts, and Asscher cuts; immaculate clarity, and clarity that ranges from grade VVSI to VSI; availability in a wide span of points to carats; highly aesthetic and fashionable cuts and designs; tiring durability; and quite reasonably and economically priced. These sumptuous and elusive qualities of diamonds and colored Rhinestones have rendered rashmi mehta gembel merchant as one of the immensely renowned and leading suppliers of gems and diamonds in the whole world. The main two diamond cutting, polishing, and trading companies of this group are well-established in Surat (India) and Antwerp (Belgium). Surat is globally famous for cutting and polishing over 90% diamonds of the whole world every year; while Antwerp, the second most populous province of Belgium, is the largest center in the whole world for diamond trading. Apart from being a world-famous diamond merchant, rashmi mehta is also a generous philanthropist, and a globally prominent service-provider in the healthcare sector, through its Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre (Mumbai).

Handmade Silver Jewelry

Lou’s Corner Store offers handcrafted 925 silver jewelry that is crafted by expert artisans from Peru, Thailand, Mexico and, of course, the United States.
Handmade jewelry has become more popular, and these pieces are becoming conversation pieces and are to be cherished. Many great accessories have come from handmade artists, from beaded bracelets to wired necklaces.
As one of the more affordable types of precious metal, sterling silver is highly trendy in the fashion world. Quality handmade sterling silver jewelry will last for many years and go well with nearly any wardrobe selection. Many pieces of gemstone jewelry are made from sterling silver, especially pendants, rings, and earrings. Handmade jewelry in Sterling silver is often complimented with bright colored and exotic gems that add shine and color to the metal. Wear silver with contrasting colors to spice up neutral outfits.
Check out our website,, and peruse our catalog and choose from our excellent selection.

Knowledge about Pricing:

Many artists make the error of pricing their handmade jewelry too low and there are many reasons for this.
1. The artist doesn’t value their own talent. They feel “lucky” to sell a piece, at any price, and don’t understand that the sale doesn’t even covert the cost of materials.
2. Their friends and family urge to not “risk failure” by setting prices too high.
3. When their art doesn’t sell they assume it’s priced wrong so the first thing they do is drop the price.
4. They are the typical “starving artist” and they hesitate to put higher prices on their work for fear of scaring customers away.
5. They don’t know how to charge for the time it took to make a particular piece.
Pricing handmade jewelry is a tricky process but it can be done. It might take a lot of “tweaking” the prices to find the perfect fit but it can be done.
If you price the product too low means the artist may have to make and sell 5 pieces of jewelry to earn $50, rather than earning the same $50 for just 1 piece. This means the artist has to work harder in order to earn a living and this could lead to burn out or simply shutting down the business because it’s not profiting enough to stay afloat.
The artist needs to figure out the cost of materials, try to determine a price to charge for the time it took to create the piece and then work in a reasonable percentage that will gain them a profit on that piece. The profit can be low to begin with but as business picks up and clientele increases the price of that piece can increase.

Make Yourself Look Elegant by Wearing Coeur De Lion Jewelry

Wearing attractive and elegant jewelry is the desire of every woman. With the changing trend, fashion jewelry has gained huge popularity. As it not only enhances the beauty but also gives an elegant look. Every woman desires to look different and would probably select something that would match the outfit. All these ornaments are made in all sorts of styles from modern mod inspired earrings to mixed metals necklaces hanging at various lengths. The best part is that it is inexpensive and everyone can easily afford.

COEUR DE LION is a leading manufacturer of fashionable designer jewelry based in Germany the creations are often referred to as the finest fashion jewelry. All these are designed only top quality materials such as 316L stainless steel, Swarovski Elements or diamond-cut, soft nappa leather, anodized aluminum with its remarkable satin finish, alongside real gemstones like haematites, onyx and tiger’s eye.

So, if you are thinking about buying Coeur de Lion jewelry at reasonable rates online, this is an ideal place for you to make your purchase in an effective manner. You will get a wide range of collection so that you can choose your favorite design. All the accessories and jewelries are made from high quality materials and metals to give long lasting effects. They also create unique design led ornaments and accessories for our clients at affordable rates.

Nikaia is one of the leading online stores where you can find an extensive collection of Samuel Coraux designs, Sandrine Giraud creations and Nature Bijoux jewelry. All the collections are made of natural components that brings fresh look in the US market. They have a distributor in the USA of handcrafted European lines of high end designer jewels. Since 1997, they are fulfilling the needs of the customers by offering a collection that is timeless and can be worn with any outfit.

At their store, you can find an exclusive range of Coeur De Lion Bracelets available in assorted designs, styles and colors. Each and every design is unique and currently updated with the changing market. All the bracelets come in packaged in the box. So get place an online order today and the product is delivered at your doorstep. You just need to do a small registration for making a purchase. The process of ordering is safe and secure, thus all your personal information is secured using SSL technology. For payment, they accept all sorts of major credit cards. Mostly, the orders are dispatched within 1 day after the receipt.

For any issues or queries, contact the support team. They are available any time and quickly respond to the queries you have.

Learn to Use Wholesale Acrylic Beads to Meet Trend and Style

Tends change fast and do not let the people who are left behind to go shoulder by shoulder with the other people who meet the needs of time and trends. This is a sensitive issue which is very much applicable on trends of clothes and jewelry. The fashion affects these two necessities of style sooner than anything else. Now the question that is often asked by style conscious people is how to keep up the pace with changing trends successfully? The answer is tricky but not impossible. Following trends need creativity and mental flexibility. When it comes to apparels and self adorning accessories fashion and trends mostly mean elegance with some style. It is true that trends look mainstream and common but you can have an edge over the others by making your style uniquely trendy and not mainstream. Jewelry can give you that edge. Once you find wholesale acrylic beads and buy a collection of supplies, keeping your style smart and chic becomes highly easy.

Design Some Accessories with Beads

Your dress and accessories indicate your taste in style and elegance. You can find a matching colour handbag and jewelry with your new dress but that does not suffice alone. Other than matching colour you need to keep the design also in accordance with your personality and physical features. A cloth made elegant handbag for example can be made more appealing with some acrylic beads. If you are wearing a brightly coloured dress and adorn your handbag also with some colourful beads, you look extra ordinary. Your dress also can be adorned with beads. Same is the case with the small objects under your use, your mobile case, scarf, key-ring etc. It is not only your bracelets and necklaces that give beautify your appearance but the things in your use that accompany you everywhere are also responsible to secure your image in the eyes of people. Obtain some beads from any acrylic beads wholesale store and try for once how to go shoulder by shoulder with the trends.

Design Your Jewelry like a Pro

The professional artisans spend a lot of effort in keeping their creations highly trendy and chic. For this reason you can see multiple designs in the market alluring. These jewelry pieces are not always available for sale; sometimes you find them worn by other ladies and you cannot find them in a physical store or online retailer. What is the best way to find you a similar piece of jewelry? Making your own jewelry turns out to be the best option for you. With the acrylic beads wholesale offer at the stores you can buy your full kit of jewelry making and make for you a similar piece like a pro or even better. Though it looks and sounds difficult but actually it is great fun to have the skill and ability at hand to create, you can step ahead of those professional.

So, find some wholesale acrylic beads and bat the hype of trends with your creativity and innovation.

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